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How to: Affordable Catering

When planning an event, the big question in the room involves the food. Food is a commodity for every part of our lives, from events to mere survival. One of the most critical and expensive aspects of event planning is catering. You can avoid over-spending on food while still delivering a memorable experience by working with a well seasoned caterer who respects your budget. The right caterer will make your event stand out at a price you can afford. At Weeki Wachee Catering, we know it’s crucial to stay on budget, deliver uniformed, high-quality food, save you time, and limit you event-planning stress. We share some of our knowledge below to make your event-planning experience easy and keep your costs low. 

  1. Know your numbers

The biggest cause of overspending is the act of over-ordering. As a host, you never want to run out of food but ordering the correct amount is ideal. Ensure your guest count is accurate and have a set RSVP date that is strict. For bigger events such as weddings, have your guest pick exactly they would like as an entree with set sides so you are correctly ordering. This can be helpful for pricier entree options such as seafood or steak. As well as being informed and vocal about any and all dietary restrictions, allowing you to make informed decisions and if needed special meals for your guests with them. 

      2.  Options, Options, Options

Having your event catered is a treat as the options are limitless. Giving your guests a variety of options will allow for a better experience for their mental and taste buds. However, offering too many options can diminish your budget. Aim for a nutritionally balanced meal containing a protein, starch and vegetable with a cost affective appetizer(like salad). Opting for more cost effective entree options Looking for more appetizer, finger food options for your event? Research into grazing tables and charcuterie options. 

Another option to consider is the style of service, as when planning catering you’re paying for more than the meal itself. Cost effective styles would include buffet or family style. These allow patrons to serve themselves by portions they’ll eat, limiting waste and servers required for your event if any. Plated dinner is a good option if you have a set entree with exact portions however the number of servers is dependent on the number of patrons at your event. Consider your event size and what option may better serve your budget.

      3. One Stop Shop

Aside from cost effective tips, selecting the correct caterer is a major first make or break for your budget. A caterer who understands and is willing to work within your budget is a must. The more amenities your catering company offers the better. This can be described as food, drinks, service, set up/breakdown, decor, and even venues. Whether they offer a venue at their home location or research some for you, the more the better! Saving you time and the hassle of having to stay in contact with multiple lines. 


Catering in itself should not be a hassle that breaks the bank or loosens the straits on food integrity/flavor. Food is a commodity for every part of our lives, from events to mere survival. Affordable catering is an option that doesn’t have to jeopardize the quality or taste of the food. With experience in this area of the food realm, we know it’s crucial to stay on budget, deliver consistent, high-quality food, save you time, and spare you event-planning stress.

We hope after this you feel empowered to make a more educated choice on your catering needs. Our tips are for the sole purpose of keeping our audience educated to make the best decision when it comes to celebrating some of life’s milestones. We are more than happy to speak and adhere to our patrons in the Tampa Bay Area about your catering needs and wants with your comfortable budget. Fill out a request form for more information or call/email us at any time! We hope our tips can help deviate some stress from catering hunting. Happy eating!

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