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9″ Quiche (feeds 6-8 people)

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9″ Quiche

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Lorraine (Bacon, Onion, Swiss), Spinach Feta and Tomato, Mushroom and Gruyere, Garlic Roasted Asparagus and Cheddar

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Saturday May 7th 10:00 AM, Saturday May 7th 10:30 AM, Saturday May 7th 11:00 AM, Saturday May 7th 11:30 AM, Saturday May 7th 12:00 PM, Saturday May 7th 12:30 PM, Saturday May 7th 1:00 PM, Saturday May 7th 1:30 PM, Saturday May 7th 2:00 PM, Sunday May 8th 10:00 AM, Sunday May 8th 10:30 AM, Sunday May 8th 11:00 AM, Sunday May 8th 11:30 AM, Sunday May 8th 12:00 PM, Sunday May 8th 12:30 PM, Sunday May 8th 1:00 PM, Sunday May 8th 1:30 PM, Sunday May 8th 2:00 PM


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